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For The Beginner and Intermediate Investor


If you are like most stock market investors you have probably read a few books on the subject.
You probably know what a P/E ratio is. Heck, you might even know what free cash flow is.
The problem with books is that the practical implications are often difficult.
For example you could read about dividend shares and find a share with its dividend covered twice but, of course, this is no good if the company has more capital expenditure than the cash it makes from operations.
Reading books is good up to a point.
I could, for example, read a book about body building, go to the gym and workout with weights which are too heavy for me. The result? Physical pain from delayed onset muscle soreness or worse a pulled muscle!!
At least with exercising your body will recuperate.
In the stock market however your losses must double back up in order to reach break even.
For example if I started with €100,000 and lost half of my money I’d be left with €50,000.
This €50,000 must double in order for me to get back to €100,000.
That is no doubt a hard task!!
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Market-Swings shows you how to invest using LIVE examples. That way you can invest with confidence.
You are much better spending €50 to get quality advice in order to make a gain of €2,000 than spending nothing and losing €2,000.
Part-taking in the monthly mentorship programme is a great way to learn. As mentioned previously you will work with live shares to build an impressive portfolio and/or watch list.
For those who have less time a Skype call is a perfect way to get some quick information.
Also those who download the free 75 page stock market eBook on the right often get discounts on Market-Swings services plus they get free information (lately they received a free 50 Point Stock Market Check List – who wouldn’t want that! So go ahead and download the eBook now).
The Gold Level Market-Swings newsletter runs a live portfolio which is a must follow. You will also receive monthly stock tips and additional material such as a video highlighting interesting stocks with a view to buy or to place on your watch list.
So, feel free to look around this site and if you have any questions simply contact me at
Happy Investing!


 The average gain on shares sold in the newsletter portfolio is 35%  



Thanks to Marcel and Market-Swings my share portfolio has doubled within 18 months. I highly recommend the newsletter as an initial investment. The most important thing that I have learned is how to find value in the market. Using this value approach I have minimised risk and in turn have found several great opportunities which shot my portfolio northwards. If you want to find cheap shares, and increase your profits, then subscribe to the Market-Swings newsletter now!      Paul G – Cork


Thanks for your comments. I couldn’t wait to read the newsletters so I did. It really is excellent! and I am very happy to be a subscriber. F.M


First class research and makes very good reading…Have to say I’m impressed..! Keep up the good work. J.M


About 2 years ago I was looking for investment advice and Marcel was recommended to me by another broker.  We organised one meeting per month and having met up regularly over the past two years I can highly recommend one-on-one lessons with Marcel.  Every month I learn more and more about how the stock market works including market maker tricks and how to value stocks amongst many other things.  He has taught me how to read company annual reports so that I can decide for myself whether to invest in a business or not.  Our one to one sessions have been financially very beneficial to me and for anyone interested in value stocks and dividend investing, I would highly recommend them.  JL – Cork


I contacted Marcel because I wanted to improve my understanding of the cash flow statement. We had five meetings over Skype in which I was able to tailor make the sessions to suit what I wanted to learn. We focused on current company accounts, looking at KBC, RMV, ASC and NEX. I highly recommend Marcel’s services if you want to increase your knowledge of company accounts, he certainly knows his stuff. SG – London


Happy Investing,

Marcel Springorum

Please note that all the work on this site represents my personal opinion and does not constitute investment advice. Investments can both rise and fall in value. I may, or may not, have a position in any shares mentioned. Further research should always be done by the investor before purchasing any mentioned shares on this site or newsletter.